Margaret Thurman

Margaret grew up the youngest of seven siblings in Burton upon Trent. During the war years, many of her older siblings were called up or working in munitions, and so at this time she lived mainly with her mother, father and one sister. At the time of evacuation to Burton upon Trent, Margaret’s family hosted a number of babies, and she spent a lot of time during the war taking them out for walks.

Margaret can remember quite a number of families coming to live in the area around Burton, and can still remember the names of the little girl evacuees who she made good friends with both at school and home. She can’t remember any bad feelings between the locals and evacuees, and you can listen to her talking about the way they just ‘fit in’ by clicking on the following audio clip. To read the transcript of this clip click on the link below that.

Margaret talks about how well the locals and evacuees got on

Transcript of Margaret’s audio clip