Daphne Slade

Daphne was just five years old when she was evacuated from London to Norton Canes with her elder sister. She remembers clearly the blackout in London and how the curbs were painted in the middle of London so people “wouldn’t knock into each other” as they walked.

Her parents had letters about the evacuation and decided to send Daphne and her sister on ‘The City of Benares’, a ship travelling to Canada. Listen to Daphne talking about that ill-fated vessel in the audio clip below:-

Daphne Slade – City of Benairs

Transcript of Daphne Slade’s audio clip

Fortunately for Daphne, they were evacuated instead with a distant aunty and uncle in Norton Canes, and travelled there by train by themselves. The couple were publicans and Daphne learnt to play the piano in their bar.

When the London bombing got worse her parents moved in with them and then got a house 3 doors down. Their new neighbours were “marvellous”, giving them lots of furniture and making them feel welcome.