Nora Landon

Nora Landon was born in 1919 and brought up in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent. Her mother and father were keen for her to take part in activities that would help other people, and so when the Congregational Church in High Street became a reception centre for evacuees she was happy to volunteer to do whatever was necessary each time a group of evacuees arrived. You can hear her talking about how well behaved the new arrivals were if you click on the link below:-

Noral Landon – good behaviour

Transcript for Nora Landon’s audio clip

As well as assisting at the church, Nora also helped with canteen duties at the barracks in Shelton. She was completely “swallowed up” by these jobs during wartime, which had to be done properly. It was for this reason she wasn’t expected to join the Forces or the Land Army.